A Christmas Winter Wonderland with Chloe Heathcote

For our first episode host Narmeen sat down with Chloe, industry blogger and event professional, to chat about her dream event. Chloe designed the most festive dream event that had us wanting to ice-skate under the stars with our loved ones. Chloe tailored her event to 200 guests in order to keep it intimate featuring star guests David Attenborough, the Queen, the cast of the US Office and Paul Rudd- the perfect collection of people. Set in a snowy Scandinavia landscape Chloe’s event would be filled with endless Christmas Trees that you could get lost in as you listen to the jingling of the reindeer bells and smell all the sweet Christmas scents.

Your invite would arrive in the form of a personalised snowball that would practically, we imagine, transport you to this luxurious Christmas heaven. Reindeers would pull you up to the venue in your cosy sleigh where you’ll be greeted by a unique venue trimmed with all the classic Christmas decorations. Think tinsel, star lights, candles. It would be the cosiest venue entrance you’d ever set eyes on. Set against the snow covered mountains you would be sure to feel the intimacy of Chloe’s event.

For food you’d be able to relax to the ultimate comfort roast dinner, you’d find your seat by tracking down the stocking with your name on featuring your special gift inside. Tiffany’s necklace for Christmas?! Amazing. Chloe’s description of the Christmas food on the table made us think of those classic scenes of the never-ending food at the tables in Hogwarts catered by Jimmy Garcia. An unlimited amount of Christmas comfort food that would keep us all warm and cosy during the night. Finishing off the meal with a Bailey’s Cheesecake and some mince pies with tea sounds bliss to us.

The night would begin with a champagne reception as we toast to everyone having a merry Christmas. Later Chloe would treat us all to her unique Mince Pie and Cinnamon & Apple cocktails which, we can just picture being displayed in front of a fancy ice sculpture in the main room. Don’t fret there will of course be bucket loads of mulled wine to keep us all warm and cosy. Also expect the classic egg-nogg, snowballs and of course, hot chocolate.

Despite taking us all to the snowy scenes of Scandinavia Chloe will let us all feel the comforts of a home Christmas by having the fire crackling in the corner as we all sit down to play board games together- monopoly with David Attenborough, yes please. Woodland elves would add to the magic of the event making sure you were happily dancing with no worries as Santa MC’s the night. 

We loved the idea of a projection of classic Christmas movie scenes playing that guests could watch under cosy fleece blankets and wrapped up in their faux fur coats (picture what the kids wear in Narnia!!). The evening would finish with you all getting to witness Father Christmas fly across the sky illuminated by the Northern Lights and perhaps you’d get to share a kiss with a A-lister of your choice under a cheeky bit of mistletoe. 

The perfect Christmas evening that would be an event right out of a fairy-tale. 

Chloe, amazingly, spoke to us about how she would transfer this event onto the virtual space for a Covid-Christmas. Chloe would transport us into Christmas Heaven through a virtual gameshow that would have all your loved ones feeling merry despite not being together. The event would provide you with a hamper filled with a tacky Christmas jumper, some champagne and a cocktail, iced Christmas Dinner biscuits (we lovee).

This was the most gorgeous dream event to kick off our Desert Island Events podcast. Now, we’re off to listen to Mariah Carey and watch our favourite Christmas films with a glass of mulled wine in hand!

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