A Drag-Dessert-Design Exhibition with Miriam Sigler

For our second episode Narmeen sits down with Miriam Sigler, director of ‘Ways and Means Events’, to talk through Miriam’s dream event. Miriam had already spent time daydreaming through her dream events so was the perfect event professional to chat to. Miriam’s dream event was titled ‘A Drag-Dessert Exhibition’- an event combining desserts and drag queens?? We’re sold.

The event would a celebration for the Drag community, offering a safe happy space for their community to all let loose, express their passions and raise a glass to their marvellous industry. Miriam chose Olympia (London, UK) as the setting for her dream event describing it as a ‘spiritual home’ which has a special place in her heart. A marquee build would be assembled on the back- Miriam needed to have a little bit of an ops challenge. Seen as this is a dream event Miriam was happy to transport Olympia off to a sunny island off of the coast of Columbia- where no rain could ruin the marquee set up. We’d be sipping cocktails, under the sunlight, indulging in the vibrancy of the event. 

Your invite would be delivered in the weeks before featuring gifts to create high anticipation for your arrival at the actual event. Think themed cocktails, food and gifts to get you crossing the days and, counting the seconds till the day of the event.

Miriam would be having the UK AEO Operations Working Group running her event as her ops team, flying them all there in a private jet filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite food and drinks. We loved that Miriam would take all her favourite team members with her to her dream event including Antony Goodie, Deborah Edward and the entire Ways and Means team. We love that this is an event tailored to all the hard-working industry members Miriam wants to thank for the work that they do.

Miriam’s event had its own show attached- The Great Drag Bake Off where contestants would be competing to make Miriam’s showstopper dessert ‘Chocolatetissimo’. The ultimate home-made dessert created by Miriam’s grandmother. All drag queens would be asked to create their best ‘dessert’ look, think ‘pink meringue’ and ‘angel delight’ being modelled to you. Rainbow based cocktails would be stocked in the plentiful for all guests to drink throughout the event. Miriam wants all the vodka at the event looking to companies such as Grey Goose, Belvedere and Chase!! Miriam wanted a vodka feature wall, highlighted with glitter for all guests to get into the party spirit. If you’re not a vodka lover do not worry they’d still be plenty of gin, whiskey and rum for you all to enjoy.

Ru-Paul would be in attendance alongside the UK drag world stars. The musical star of the night would be Dolly Parton who’d thrill us on stage in her boots as she sang through all her classic hits until the sun came up the next day. Truly a dream event.

Miriam would use virtual reality to take her event online within our Covid-19 world. Forget just sitting in front of Zoom- Miriam would set up a 3D world for you all to enjoy and feel like you’re really within her dream creation. However, this event is just too insane to not experience in person so Miriam would be holding out and putting this event on for a major celebration and a welcome-back to in person events!

Miriam’s dream event would have to be the most feel-good event we’ve ever heard and we can only cross our fingers and hope that this one becomes a reality. 

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