Kirsten Newlands

Hi, I’m Kirsten. I’m a 22-year-old BA (Hons) Events Management graduate from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. I graduated this year in my kitchen due to the national lockdown (yay).  I loved my course and met some amazing friends but you probably couldn’t have picked a worse course to graduate from during a global pandemic. I wrote my dissertation on the sustainability aspect of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I was over the moon to receive an A for it. Throughout my time at university, volunteered at some amazing events in Edinburgh, such as the opening party for the Fringe and The List magazine’s 25th anniversary. Volunteering at these events gave me the practical skills I need to further myself in the events industry. 

I am a massive foodie; I love going out for food and trying new places. I am the go-to girl in my friend group for anything to do with food or eating out, I pride myself on this and spending all my money doing it. I also love keeping active by going to the gym, walking and practicing yoga which was a savior during lockdown. 

I have a passion for the events and creative industry. The circumstances currently haven’t allowed me to get a job in this sector after university but I am determined to continue working hard to get there in the near future.  

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