Narmeen Kamran

Hello, I’m Narmeen! I am your host on the island (as well as the creator, producer and editor) and am so pleased to welcome you here. I have been working in the events and hospitality industry for over 10 years across the world.

During furlough I spent 4 months volunteering as a project manager for my local NHS scrubs project overseeing 2,000 volunteers. Wanting to do something for our industry, I learnt to sew and started HospoMasks, a charity initiative selling reusable facemarks for The Springboard Charity, Kelly’s Cause and Hospitality Action. Over £1,800 was raised for our industry before I was made redundant, went travelling and created Desert Island Events.

When I am not podcasting, I am working on Hospo Book Club, a personal development community for hospitality and events professionals, or keeping in touch with the industry online at events and webinars. Alongside personal development, I am a passionate advocate for mental health and diversity & inclusion in our industry. This all steam from personal experience and I am always happy to participate in conversations surrounding these topics.

Outside of work and the industry, you can find me eating or travelling. It may be cliché however I am passionate about food and hospitality and can say eating is my favourite part of the day. I took my redundancy as an opportunity to travel and what was originally meant to be a 7 week trip turned into a 17 week adventure!

You can find out more about me by connecting with me on my social media accounts below:

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