An Italian Fashion Show with Kate Bullard

On today’s episode, host Narmeen Kamran talks to Kate Bullard, corporate events professional at an international law firm and co-founder of Event Profs Live, a networking group supporting event professionals to share experiences, ideas and stories. They are hosted by various venues and suppliers within the UK, and in Europe. While their events are online for the time being, exciting face-to-face events will be coming soon!

Kate’s dream event is a “fashion show with a twist”, straying from her usual corporate background to bring more creativity and combining all the things she loves, such as fashion, travel and food,  to this once in a lifetime event. To bring in a travel aspect, Kate’s event would be set in a stunning villa overlooking the countryside in Tuscany, Italy with a gorgeous indoor space to host the fashion show itself. A courtyard would be where the guests can enjoy an alfresco dinner, with fairy lights, background music and Espresso Martinis at the end of the evening while the sun sets.

In terms of the creative look and feel, shades of blush pink and rose gold would serve as the colour scheme, adding a girly touch. Kate imagines fresh flowers and an array of candles throughout the event, allowing guests to be fully immersed in the experience through stimulating their five senses. A mix of both well known firm-favourite florists and candle companies would be used, including Pinstripes & Peonies, Lavender Green Flowers and Jo Malone, in addition to vendors and in-season produce local to the Tuscany region. Sustainably made candles would also be included in the event’s swag bags to remind guests of the event, as Kate wants only meaningful items to be in the gift bags as to avoid unnecessary waste. The remainder of the allocated swag bag budget would be donated to a charity supporting worthwhile causes close to Kate’s heart.

Designers attending the fashion show would be accessible, local and up-and-coming designers showcasing their work, who want to make their mark on the fashion world and from a sustainability standpoint, as the fashion industry contributes to unnecessary waste, impacting the environment. The attendees would consist of influencers, fashion bloggers and key celebrities such as Stacey Dooley, Kate’s everyday fashion icon. Dream guests include high-end celebrities with the likes of luxury fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who would be seated in the front row. Families and friends of Kate would also have a prominent seat within the venue. To expand upon her dream of an accessible fashion show, models walking the catwalk would be diverse and inclusive, in addition to Kate’s own close friends. Around 150 guests would be invited, to keep the event accessible yet exclusive, so attendees can mingle with each other in an enjoyable atmosphere.

As Kate is a big foodie, catering the event would be a wide range of food vendors including London-based Rocket, Alison Price and Moving Venue, alongside local caterers. Before the fashion show begins, freshly made canapés and Aperol Spritz would be served on the courtyard terrace, highlighting the start of summer. After the fashion show, a three course meal would be served back out on the courtyard. Starting with burrata and tomato salad, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and paired alongside bread to mop it all up. The main course would be Kate’s favourite seafood pasta, such as seafood spaghetti or lobster ravioli. A refreshing lemon tart dessert would finish the meal, with Italian lemons. Savory and sweet canapés would be hanging in trees throughout the event for guests to snack on.

In addition to the Espresso Martinis and Aperol Spritz cocktails, Italian red wine, Provence-style rosé and Tequila rosé would be available throughout the event, to align with the pink colour palette. Based on a Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Kate recently tried, traditional, decaf and flavoured Espresso Martinis would be passed out towards the evening. To deliver the drinks, waiters would carry drink trays and drink holders surrounded by LED lights, which change colour to the beat of the music. 

During the fashion show catwalk, a DJ would be playing fun and lighthearted music, which would transition to more chill music during the sit-down dinner, with the Sax Man playing low tempo soul classics on the saxophone. Later into the night, more upbeat music would play while guests can dance or chill on lounge sofas near the bar on the courtyard terrace.

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