The Reflect, Discover & Move Experience with Nicola Roodt

All of the guests we’ve had so far on Desert Island Events have come up with amazingly unique event ideas but Nicola Roodt really topped everyone in terms of event innovation when she sat down to discuss her dream event with Narmeen for episode nine.

Nicola’s event, ‘The Reflect, Discover and Move Experience, is all about individuality. The aim of the event is to have each guest leave with the most special memories alongside the knowledge of who they are as a person and where they should go next in their life. The personal touches would begin at the invitations. A tease box invite featuring your favourite, colours, favourite snack, favourite drink and playing your favourite song. Before attending the event you’d submit all this information to Nicola who would ensure that from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, the event would be suited to you.

Set on an undiscovered desert island Nicola’s event would have three clear sections, the first- Reflect. Reflection would see each guest being taken back to a childhood memory through an immersive, sensory world that would see you crawling through tunnels, entering different rooms. Nicola wants to invoke a specific memory in each person so that you could reflect on how that memory has made you the person you are today. The Reflect section would feature lots of edible sweet snacks disguised within the differing childhood settings- we’re picturing a chocolate swing !!

The middle part of the event would be titled ‘Discovery’ and would be focused on the guests looking at where they are in their lives and where they want to be. Your dream guest speaker would be able to talk one on one with you and offer you the best advice to help you set those goals! Has your dream speaker passed? No worries, Nicola’s event would offer holographic versions of the speakers so that you still get that amazing memory and hear those words you need to hear. Nicola’s personal favourite speakers would be Dr Susie Ember and Rachel Hollis!

On arrival you’d be greeted with the classic champagne reception to ease you before you step back into your childhood memory. Each guest having their favourite cocktails available to drink whenever they needed a top up. To make sure everyone stays alert enough to soak up the truly memorable experience around them, edible water balls would be sent out to make sure everyone would be hydrated. As this is an event truly tailored to each guest, everyone in attendance would have their favourite food available to eat! Nicola’s favourite is seafood so you could expect Scott’s (London) having an oyster bar set up in the main room. Brand new chefs and new starting caterers would be providing a showcase of their spreads for you all to sample. Do not panic- espresso martinis will be served at Nicola’s event acting as a after food refresher before the dancing gets underway. It just wouldn’t be an event without an espresso martini featuring.
The final stage of the event is MOVE. Pop on your dancing shoes and finish the evening twirling round the room to your favourite music. In one room a live band would be performing, in another upcoming musicians would be showcasing their talents, the other would be a 70s/80s disco and the other would be a silent disco. The most fun dance party that would tailor to everybody’s music tastes!

We loved everything about Nicola’s event specifically the personal touches that would carry each event through. Nicola’s idea of having people quietly painting portraits of each guest and capturing their experience of this once in a lifetime event was the most beautiful touch. We just hope that this event could somehow be made a reality as, after 2020 I think we could all do with some self-reflection, self-discovery and, of course, in need of letting loose with the world’s biggest dance party.

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