Oddity Events Birthday Party with Lizzy Eaton

In this week’s episode of Desert Island Events, Narmeen speaks with Lizzy Eaton, director and founder of Oddity Events and Marketing. Lizzy founded Oddity in 2018 which helps corporates and public affairs teams deliver events (with personality!) to high-level audiences, including MP’s, politicians, journalists and academics. 

In a nutshell, Lizzy’s event consists of an immersive experience birthday party event to celebrate Oddity’s 2nd birthday! Going for a more intimate feel, Lizzy opted for around fifty to sixty of her clients, fellow event professionals, close friends and supporters to be invited as guests at the event. Lizzy described the event as both an intimate party but also a networking opportunity, giving her the chance to interact and celebrate the fantastic milestone with each of her clients and supporters. 

Although Lizzy planned to stick with the corporate theme for her event, she aims to inject an abundance of personality and a character into the occasion. Lizzy contemplated between her two favourite event venues – Brockwell Lido in London (a beautiful outdoor swimming pool with an art deco café) and The Barbican Centre in London, in the end choosing the latter where her wedding was held! Lizzy planned for the event to take place in the midst of Winter, however, decided to transform both of the venues into a summer haven, almost mirroring the feel of stepping out onto a warm beach on a summer’s day – the opposite of the cold, British winter reality! Guests walking into the event would be met with a stunning but moody and mysterious atmosphere to set the tone before the evening begins.

In terms of catering, Lizzy selected for a savoury food focus with an immersive ‘come as you go’ experience featuring ALL the snacks (crisps, cheeses, an assortment of breads – you name it!). Fancy a bite out of the table made out of bread? Or maybe a slice of the wall made out of cheese? Alongside Lizzy’s edible furniture, her top caterers for the event include Top Hat and Rocket Food, two luxury caterers based in London. Also featured at The Barbican will be showstopping, architects of taste – Bompas & Parr who create edible objects! The venue would be adorned with similar interactive and immersive features including an array of edible items – this totally gives us Charlie and the Chocolate Factory edible wallpaper vibes! The drinks menu will feature the classics – champagne, cocktails, beer and a unique combination of the two! How does beer disguised as champagne sound? Lizzy went on to explain that she would love to feature local breweries based in South London – Brockley Brewery as well as wine connoisseur’s Salthouse and BOTTLES as complementary sponsors at the event. 

Like all big birthday extravaganza’s, Lizzy plans on having comedian Matt Ford featured at the event to keep guests entertained with this Bojo and Donald Trump impressions! In terms of entertainment, Lizzy plans to organise a cheesy (to go with the cheese wall of course), karaoke and flash mob! Following this, guests would enjoy the night dancing away to a smooth jazz band playing lots of David Bowie. Sounds divine!

As we come to the end of this week’s episode – Lizzy gives her plans for Oddity’s 10th birthday bash! This would involve a two-night stay in a riad, at a remote location (Lizzy picked between Jordan or Oman), somewhere out in the open like a desert. And of course, the event would be space themed (in honour of David Bowie – and the name of Lizzy’s company ‘Oddity’) which would run throughout the two-day event. A mini breakdown of the event sees the first day would be a 60s, retro party which would end with a screening of the 1960s moon landing. Then the following day, staff at the riad would completely transform the interior and exterior of the establishment to mirror the moon! Guests would wake up the following day in their rooms and walk into their new adventure for the day – the moon! We love this idea! What an out-of-this-world idea for a dream event, Lizzy! Although this is a dream event, who knows, this event could take off than we all think!

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