A Countryside Celebration with Emily Hume

In today’s episode, host Narmeen Kamran talks to Emily Hume, a Senior Events Producer at Main Events, UK Events and Partnerships Director at The Female Hospitality Network, who recently was named one of Conference News’ ‘30 Under 30 Cohort of 2020’ which she states has been a “little bit of happiness in a crazy world right now”. Emily started out as an Event Assistant at Main Events, having been in venue finding and hospitality roles prior. As a Senior Events Producer, Emily is responsible for looking after clients, coming up with creative proposals and supporting the pivot and transition into virtual events as a result of COVID-19.

As Emily’s role allows her to create her dream events on a daily basis, she found it difficult to choose her ultimate dream event as she often puts forward her favourite event suggestions and ideas to her clients, who tend to follow her recommendations. Taking inspiration from her dream wall of individuals she would love to work with, her favourite event styles are celebratory events, with people dancing on tables being a positive in any scenario (removing Health and Safety!), and motional/inspiration events which she always enjoys attending. In January, Emily fulfilled her dream of working with Dermot O’Leary on a music festival-style event with a seated dinner. Eventually, Emily chooses a celebratory-style event as her dream event over motivational/inspirational events, to go all out and “party hard until 6AM”.

Emily would love to have a fashion show combined with an after party, with haute couture brands such as Louis Vuittion, Chanel and Dior, as she has already had the chance to work on a Coronation Street event, which is her favourite TV show. As fashion gives you the opportunity to throw a crazy gorilla event, with guests excited about what’s to come, this allows for a shocking event, which Emily is a big fan of.

In terms of event venues, Emily is obsessed with Thyme in the Cotswolds, where she used to work as a receptionist. Emily praises their catering, atmosphere and staff, with an inspirational owner having completely restored the property. With a farmhouse vibe, the “village within a village” exudes “old charisma, with modern charm” as the rooms were designed by a set designer, not an interior designer, which gives it a whole new perspective. While big enough for up to 150 people, they often limit the attendees to 40 to allow for an exclusive feel. The food is second to none, with care and attention to detail being paid to all aspects and magic touches sprinkled throughout. No expenses are spared and the venue is focused on the customer experience, which Emily is highly passionate about. As both the venue and Emily herself have come so far since she worked there over 3 years ago, she would love the chance to go back and put on an event there.

While Emily enjoys bringing a theme to life more than the specific theme itself, she loves beauty and making sure everything looks immaculate. However, she isn’t a big fan of colour and envisions a crisp, simplistic and white colour scheme with pops of green from eucalyptus and ivy plants. Emily would love to bring in natural tones and touches, preferring long tables over round tables, which is her way to bring her dream event to life as she believes there’s “beauty in simplicity”. 

Regarding food and drinks, Emily is a vegetarian and would like to show the beauty of vegetarian food, which ties into her venue, as Thyme only uses produce from their own land and gardens. Additionally, Emily enjoys unexpected things and things with a shock factor, yet keeping it seasonal, simplistic and not overthinking anything. As vegetarian food has come so far in terms of creativity, Emily believes you can have an amazing fully vegetarian meal and not feel like you’re missing out. Her favourite dish is a roast dinner (without the meat!) home-cooked by her mum. As Emily doesn’t like mass prepared food, she would want all the catering to be freshly cooked and homemade, with nothing store-bought or pre-made. Margaritas would be served throughout the event, as Emily claims that “there’s nothing you need other than a margarita in your life, and if everything’s going wrong a margarita will definitely save it”. On a hen do, she discovered the life changing combination of tequila and pineapple juice, and would serve it all night long as well, alongside a partnership with Patron. 

Emily’s dream host would be Philip Schofield, who she’s obsessed with and would cry if he attended, alongside Holly Wiloughby. As she loves country music and doesn’t listen to anything else, she would want Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert to perform. Additionally, one of Emily’s close friends, Luckyboy, is a talented singer and she would want her to perform as “sharing events with people you care about is so special”.

Individuals on the guestlist would be her family and friends, as she normally hosts events for corporate companies, which means they’re unlikely to be able to attend and Emily would love to show them her work life, as they’re so supportive. In addition, Emily would want those who have shaped and determined her career and made her who she is today to attend her dream event.

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