Ko Pha Ngan Kick Off with Adam Parry

On this week’s episode, host Narmeen Kamran, speaks to Event Industry News editor, Director of Event Tech Live and Event Technology Awards, Adam Parry. Adam fell into the event industry after working in publishing while mainly working for outdoor music festival and agricultural shows. From that he found an opportunity to provide people around the globe with news related to events management, hospitality, meetings, exhibitions and corporate events through the means of digital publishing. Adam is really interested in technology and discovered many of his readers shared the same interest. He then launched the Event Technology Awards in order to showcase how different suppliers and organisers use technology in their events. From the feedback of the awards, Adam decided to create Event Tech Live to allow people to see who is behind the technology. 

Surprisingly, Adam’s dream event is not to do with technology, but is partly to do with festivals but also events that bring people together or be a participant. His perfect event would be a combination of a really cool festival, like Burning Man, and a festival called La Tomatina in Spain, where you go to throw tomatoes at people. Adam also describes the Bournemouth Sevens festival as the perfect event, as people go there to enjoy sport while also being in a festival environment. 

Adam’s dream location would be a Thailand island called Ko Pha Ngan. For Adam, the island is very special and he describes it as just the right size to get around on scooters. It is not heavily commercialized and it is often the site of Full Moon Parties. Adam also loves that they have a British Pub. He wants to use different parts of the island, in the same way as “South by South West”, using different local venues and restaurants to support the local community. Ultimately, the island becomes the festival.  Wristband access would be used to get into all the activities around the festival, allowing for some flexibility for local venues. 

The entertainment would be an acylative mix of Adam’s music taste, however he does specify he wants Dave Grohl to headline. He also wants Dead Mouse playing, as well as street artists to engage people with new music. Dave Grohl is to headline on the Monday, Bicep will kick off day 2, David Bowie will be brought back from the dead for day 3 and all the originals from Queen to appear on day 4. Finally, Friday would be a chilled out last day with Lewis Capaldi. 

For activities, Adam wants an island run, boat race and something that chills people out like a meditation retreat on the beach. He would also like a car race around the island, specifying that the car needs to be full to take part. Adam states the health and safety is not there to get in the way or stop things happening, but with the right paperwork anything can happen. 

The food for this event would consist of “Almost Famous” burgers, food from the chef Jason Atherton and a Mac and Cheese Truffle burger as the festival special. Rum is one of Adam’s favourite drinks and he wants discounts on rum drinks over the period of the festival. 

Adam’s dream guest would be Ryan Reynolds as he is funny, does not take life too seriously and he’s in some of Adam’s favourite movies. He thinks there would not be a dull moment with Ryan Reynolds around. 

Hot Air Balloons are also on Adam’s wish list for his event, this would give people an aerial view of the island and Adam thinks they look amazing when they are all in the sky. Everyone would also travel to the island and festival on a hot air balloon, instead of speed boats. 

Ko Pha Ngan Kick Off would be at the start of the year to kick off a new year in the right way. 

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