A Social Media Festival with Sabrina Meyers

2021…Season Two of Desert Island Events and, we are back with a bang. For the first episode of our new season Narmeen sits down with social media events extraordinaire Sabrina Meyers. Sabrina began her events career selling hospitality spaces for events before jumping over to event management where she organised global corporate events. Now, Sabrina is a first-class social media strategist. Sabrina works hard to ensure event professionals know how to use social media correctly to achieve success. 

So, of course, Sabrina’s dream event was linked to social media. Sabrina designed ‘The Social Media Festival’. Think of it as fashion week for social media. Sabrina would host a week of events where you would be able to attend in person or digitally and become educated on the world of social media. The festival would be founded on two pillars education and entertainment, ensuring that attendees would be educated in the most creative way possible. 

Social Media is the key to success in our modern climate. At Sabrina’s dream event a variety of speakers would come together to offer specific insight into the most important aspects of social media strategy: how to monetise, how to produce high quality content, how to collaborate with brands, how to evaluate insights, the effects of social media campaigns etc. Sabrina was insistent on variety at her event, ensuring that there was something for absolutely everybody. Her dream speakers and entertainers included Hasan Minhaz, Pink, David Beckham. Lenny Kravitz, JLO, The Obamas and Oprah…could you think of a better line up than that?

Entertainers would be offering intimate performances as well as providing their own experiences of social media. We particularly enjoyed the imagined Obama’s speech- ‘how to use social media correctly as the US President’. Diversity would not just exist within speakers but also within food and drink at the event. Each talk as part of the overall event would be an event in itself. Each mini event would have elements individualistic to that speaker or that specific lesson. If the speaker recently did a collaboration with McDonalds…that’s what, you’ll be eating for free. No expense would be spared at Sabrina Meyer’s dream event, whatever you wished for we’d pretty sure you’d be able to find at this amazing event. 

The Social Media Festival would be the most vibrant, creative colourful event to ever hit New York City. With its digital streams allowing for global access to the talks Sabrina would be literally taking the world by storm with her Desert Island Event.

We could not have envisioned a better way to kick-start season 2 of Desert Island Events. 

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