Murder Mystery Masquerade

In episode 2 of the Newcomers Stage, our host Narmeen speaks with events student Harry Hamilton. Harry is described as the ‘Monica’ of his friendship group and decided to make the leap into the world of events and event management to pursue his interest of organising and creating events!

Harry has always had an interest in masquerade balls and the mystery behind masks and decided that this would serve as the foundation of his dream event – ‘A Murder Mystery Masquerade’ – this is the ideal event for those Bridgerton fans out there! Harry’s ideal venue would be a grand, luxury, English mansion in the countryside to coincide with his murder mystery masquerade theme. The one-night, super-exclusive, immersive event would host around 25 people, each of whom would be allocated their own personality – 20 different characters with a specific role to play and 5 detectives. To help plan out the extravagant event, Harry also plans on collaborating with three different writers to aid in designing the event which include Agatha Christie, George R. R. Martin and Julian Fellowes! 

In terms of dress code, Harry plans on booking a costume fitting service so guests are decked out in full, 19th century clothing complete with a mask to match! The dress code would be based around a black tie theme – including lots of noble, rich colours such as black, gold and purple, with the women wearing huge ball gown dresses and the men in waistcoats and smart attire. The mansion would be adorned with grand chandeliers as well as your typical suits of armour to tie in with the 19th century aesthetic! 

Guests arriving at the event would do so in style and would be handed a glass of champagne on entry! Each group would make their grand entrance via horse and carriage and would be greeted by waiters announcing who will play each character, their role within the murder mystery event and a chance for guests to get to know one another before the mystery challenge unfolds…

Now onto the main event – the Murder Mystery Challenge! Within the event invitations, guests would be told that someone of high status living in the mansion has been murdered and it is up to them to solve the mystery of who committed the crime! In terms of special guests, Harry dreams of the actors who play the three older brothers in Bridgerton, who fit the 19th century period aesthetic, to make a surprise appearance and get involved in the mystery challenge – what a treat! In addition, to make the event a complete, immersive experience, Harry would have scenes set up for the groups of characters in different rooms of the mansion. This would be accompanied by a script which they would have to follow in order to reach the clues leading them closer to solving the mansion murder. 

Towards the end of the night, the big murder mystery reveal will be based in the ballroom. At one point of the night, whilst guests are dancing away and having a merry time, a detective – situated at the top of the grand staircase would ring a bell and shout from the top “We know who it is!” which is when all will be revealed! The murderer (one of the guests attending the event) would be seen attempting to make their dramatic escape but would be stopped in their tracks by several characters and officers who would handcuff the murderer and take them away! Once the murderer has been revealed, a huge party would be held in the mansion’s ballroom and guests would be given the option to stay over for the night so that they are free to dance and celebrate in their extravagant surroundings until early hours of the morning! 

In terms of catering for the event, Harry decides on a sit-down meal which would of course be designed to fit in with the regal theme and will consist of a five course dinner. Guests would be given enough time in-between each meal to have a chat amongst themselves, enjoy a musical performance and appreciate their luxurious surroundings! Aside from the main entertainment being the murder mystery challenge, Harry pictures a band playing 21st century songs with a 19th century influence to be played for the guests during their meal to add to the stunning ambience. 

To end the episode, Narmeen asks Harry about his dream job! Harry’s dream role involves lots of travelling and being able to work in luxury/celebrity events! 

Find Harry on Instagram @hahevents. 

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