Destination 10th Wedding Anniversary with Jonny Fulton

Welcome to Episode 17 Islanders. Our guest this week is Jonny Fulton, Managing Director of FoxQylie Agency, who met our host Narmeen through their conversations on newly launched social media app Clubhouse. Jonny began his life on his family farm, gaining an interest in events when he noticed a sound desk at one of his teenage band’s gigs. Jonny took the leap and began training in professional sound and video technology through working in live events. In 2016 Jonny launched his own business. For his dream event, Jonny talked Narmeen through the tenth wedding anniversary he would throw for his wife if he had an unlimited budget!

Jonny wants to take his family and friends all over to the Maldives to celebrate his and his wives love story in style. Each guest would be picked up from their house in a luxury car, think Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s, and would take a private jet from their nearest airport to Dubai. Dubai would see everyone having a short stop-over where they’d get to enjoy their first round of champagnes. Once you arrive in the Maldives, you’d have a choice from taking a helicopter or a boat over to the island, although the boat is a winner for us seen as it’ll be stocked with plenty of drinks for guests to sip on. Of course, as you arrive champagne will be waiting for you, alongside private butlers who’ll be lifting the suitcases straight out of your hands. If you’re feeling tired of the champagne, although we highly doubt you would be, Jonny has requested trays of Guinness to be available on arrival also!!

The first night will see guests in formal wear for the only formal meal of the stay. Jonny would begin the dinner with a toast to his wife before guests would be served the first course of Calamari. Starters would be followed by a serving of champagne to cleanse the pallet before each guest could enjoy flat iron steaks served with rocket. Jonny would then open up a buffet of Indian and Chinese dishes, also good old chicken nuggets for the children guests!! Dinner would finish with a dessert and cheese buffet, our favourite mention was the creation of Jonny’s cheese-wedding cake featuring stilton, brie, soft blue cheese and a vintage cheddar!! Dinner would be served alongside many drinks, the focus being champagne and Jonny’s favourite Irish single malt whiskeys. The dinner would also feature an ice-sculpture which will allow each guest to get as much ice-cold water they could desire. The 1975 would play the dinner out, Jonny’s wife’s favourite, before all guests would be heading to the private huts to sleep off the biggest meal of their lives!

Day Two on the island would begin with a wellness session before a full English breakfast! The day would be spent laughing and playing games on the beach. The focus is spending time together and making memories!! Night-time sees the big event. Jonny would create a 90s club on the island that will be playing bangers all night long. Expect a mirrored dance floor, all the lighting possible, smoke-machines and an amazing sound system. The walls of the venue would be decorated with pictures of the happy couple so that everybody gets a chance to look at the amazing life and family the couple have created. A buffet would be available throughout the night so guests can take as much as they like whenever they want!! Music will be lifting everyone off their chairs and every single guest will be dancing until their feet physically cannot go on. Firepits, comfy chairs would be set along the shore for each guest to fall into. The trip would finish with the sun-rising over the family and friends, as they all laugh and reflect on the amazing time they’ve had.

A trip of a life-time. 

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