Women’s Empowerment Festival with Abbie Hart

This week on Desert Island Events host, Narmeen Kamran, speaks to Abbie Hart, the founder of the Female Hospitality Network. Abbie’s background is in the events and hospitality sector, however for the last ten years she has been in recruitment for events and hospitality. She founded the Female Hospitality Network around three years ago, which she describes as a personal and professional development organisation for the sector.

Abbie’s dream event is a female led festival, a combination of Coachella, meets Girl Boss Rally, meets a Ted Talk. It would be a weekend full of fun, amazing entertainment, educational and inspiring. Abbie wants her attendees to come away for it absolutely blown away. The event would start Friday morning and continue till sunset on Sunday. The location of the event would be somewhere warm, potentially on an island, essentially the Desert Island Events Island. 

There will be around 1,000 women attending. Abbie compares the entrance of the event to Coachella, where there would be numerous glitter stands for attendees to be covered in glitter. Glitter stations would be electronic, and attendees could select the colour of glitter, style and body part they want covered.  Attendees would then have their chosen glitter sprayed onto them. There would also be drink stands handing out champagne and loads of different cocktails. Abbie also wants glitter dust to be available to pop into your champagne, so attendees have glitter on them and in them! 

The event would have a set schedule of different inspiring talks and speakers, that would predominately be focusing on female empowerment. Interviews with amazing people that many see as mentors, such as Michelle Obama, Oprah and Reese Witherspoon. 

Abbie wants there to be different tents playing music and a main stage for Beyonce to headline the festival. She wants people to come away from the festival inspired but also having had a lot of fun dancing to Beyonce and all the other musical entertainment. She wants all the big female singers that have gone before, like Madonna, Kylie and the Spice Girls. She wants a mixture of old and new female singers to showcase major female talent. 

Abbie’s key talk at the festival would have to be Oprah with Michelle Obama. She would also like Jacinda Ardern to speak at the festival. Abbie’s reasoning for this was due to the way she’s carried out her role as Prime Minister and leadership style in a Covid world. Reese Witherspoon would also do a talk, as she already does talks to help disadvantaged women. However, Abbie would want her to talk about career obstacles, such as stereotypes in an industry. 

This festival would have amazing teepee tents for attendees to stay in. There would also be big tents for creative activities, such as dream catcher making classes. One of Abbie’s more abstract ideas was to encourage attendees to get into bikinis, cover themselves in paint and get a massive piece of paper to create body art paintings. Another idea was to create a laser quest style game, where you shoot down all your insecurity and bad feelings about yourself. 

Abbie wants every cuisine available at the festival, so people have all the choice in the world. 

The finale of the festival would be Beyonce closing the show. At the side of the stage, there would be steps up to a cat walk. Abbie wants to call this a confidence catwalk and to close the show she wants every attendee to walk down this catwalk. She wants attendees to walk off the stage feeling super empowered, as they have just followed in the footsteps of Beyonce, Oprah and Michelle Obama. 

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