The Para-Ability Festival with Jemma Barton

On this week’s episode of The Newcome Stage Narmeen talks to Jemma Barton, a recent graduate from The Event Academy. Jemma’s interest for events came from locating a common interest within her mis-matched careers. Events was the common ground and lockdown provided Jemma with the opportunity to go for it and immerse herself within the world of events. 

Jemma’s ultimate goal with her dream event was to bring joy to as many people as possible. The Para-Ability Festival is an event aimed at raising awareness of disabilities whilst also providing opportunities to inspire those involved. The mood-board for this event included festivals such as Glastonbury, Boomtown and The Paralympic Games. Each year the event will be located within a different city or country to allow for diversity in location, culture and attendees. 

The events first year will be held in Hyde Park, London. Set during summertime it’ll be a week-long event featuring food, music, games, arts, comedy, poetry, free- speakers. Attendees can come for the day or camp for the full week-long experience. Anyone can buy a ticket to create a cohesive, diverse set of guests who are all there to celebrate and inspire. The festival would be spread out across Hyde Park to make it a calmer-atmosphere, allowing individuals in attendance to explore at their own pace and to prevent any feelings of bombardment or chaos. 

To ensure accessibility, the event will all be on flat-ground. Indoor tents will ensure full accessibility and there will be people on hand ready to make any adaptations necessary to accommodate for everyone. On arrival you’ll receive your wristband and come into the green and see the array of tents, stages and events! Jemma’s event and its range of activities included is in order to encourage those to try hobbies that they may have never had the courage or opportunity to try before. 

Think all the festival foods possible to fit your cravings at this event. Chinese, Indian, Sushi, Burgers, Pizza, Greek- everything you can possibly think of will be dotted round Hyde-Park ready to satisfy all the guests. If you have a sweet-tooth Jemma will ensure there’s plenty of dessert stalls ready for guests including a cupcake stall and a partnership with Mochi. Jemma would partner with Starbucks who have recently trained all-staff to speak in sign-language (US) in order to speak and inspire other companies- so expect lots of iced-lattes!!

Stevie Wonder would be the headliner performer. The talent and his inspiring story would be a focal point of the event. Other acts on the Main Stage across the festival would include Kayne West (musician), Kathy Buckley (comedian), Lee Ridley (comedian), Mandy Harvey (singer), Demi Lovato (singer), Logic (musician), Francesca Martinez (comedian), Karina Smirnoff (dancer), Warwick Davies (actor), Tommy Jessop (actor), Steven Wilcher (artist). Jemma wanted to capture the many ways in which you can express yourself through the arts and entertainment industries. Each creative who attended would be present to inspire guests, encourage inspiration within the industry and point people towards a new artistic craft. 

In years to follow Jemma would want to take the festival to countries such as Australia, Mexico, Portugal. There are no limitations with this festival, it can go as hard and as far as possible. 

A truly creative, inspiring and heart-warming event that we can only hope Jemma gets to make a reality in years to come. 

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