Events Network Retreat with Rose Griffiths

Episode Seven of the Newcomer Stage sees Narmeen chatting to Rose Griffiths, second-year event management student at Manchester Met University. After finishing school Rose took a couple of years out that saw her working within the hospitality industry through working at a hotel and being involved in corporate events. Rose left her job, enrolled at university and now the rest is history!

Roses’ dream event is inspired by the new app Clubhouse which our host Narmeen is quite aptly named the Queen of. Clubhouse allows individuals to network and connect with industry professionals, an amazing tool for a newcomer into the industry such as Rose. Heavily inspired by the app Rose would love to put on a huge networking event that would allow those individuals to meet face-to-face rather than over the virtual space.

The event would be held in Switzerland, inspired by Rose’s school-trip to an international summit there. Geneva specifically would be the chosen destination; the scenery is stunning and would be the perfect surroundings for the creative conversations taking place at the event. Rose would want an unlimited capacity, anyone who wants to attend can come, with a 50/50 split between industry professionals and students.

Hotel Beau Rivage, a luxury 5-star hotel, situated right on the lake front and has incredible views of the city’s harbour. They’d be a candlelit dinner held on the patio outside allowing guests to get to know each other. Rose would hold the event over two days, the first being down near the lake and the second day being up on the ski-slopes!! Day One would be spent at the beautiful hotel, a casual day allowing guests to do a walking tour around Geneva or chill in the hotel grounds. Rose would love to have speakers that have inspired her within her own career so far. Those named by Rose were Naomi Hollas, Naomi Rose and our host herself Narmeen. In the evening you’d be able to enjoy a cheese fondue, very aesthetic to a Switz cosy night in, that could be enjoyed with a lovely glass of red. 

Rose’s favourite foods that she’d want to feature at the event would be tapas dishes, sushi, little bites to eat featuring a variety of international foods that guests could pick and choose from. 

An innovative idea that features in Rose’s dream event would be specific parts of the event designed by guests themselves. The students would take on one part in order to prove their creative skills to the professionals, with the professionals being able to flaunt their expertise in another part. Rose would love to design a formal, conference activity that could allow students to network alongside a cocktail tasting experience- an amazing mix of corporate and fun!! 

Day two of the event would be slightly more structured with team-building activities taking place on the slope. If the activities aren’t quite for you, guests could sit down and relax in the beautiful bars situated on the mountain. Up in the mountains Rose would love to put on a champagne reception with a selection of canapes for guests to enjoy. In the evening, to finish off the event, would be an evening meal with home-comfort food such as Shepherd’s Pie to allow everyone to warm up and get ready for a good night’s sleep before heading home. Each guest would go to bed to find a personalised Toblerone on their pillow to take home with them to remember the event!

As a guest on our newcomer series Narmeen closed the interview by asking what Rose’s dream job within the industry would be. As an events student within the Covid-19 pandemic Rose has been limited in really exploring the different areas of events but, thinks she’d love to do something such as a Conference Manager or working within Incentive Travel!

If you want to follow Rose’s journey within the events industry, you can follow her at @rosegevents on twitter, Instagram and her personalised blog!! 

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