Garden Power Luncheon with Dionne Bishop

Joining Narmeen for Episode 21 is certified special event professional and chief experience officer Dionne Bishop! Dionne started in the event industry due to the inspiration she gained from her family of musicians. After being surrounded by the high energy of live events from being a young child Dionne knew it was an industry, she wanted to be a part of, it just took a bit of time to find the perfect role for her. 

Dionne has always wanted to put on a zen, high-end luncheon that gathers together lots of creative people. Inspired by the luncheon put on by Lady Oprah herself, Dionne loved the idea of putting a bunch of the worlds most talented individuals at one lunch and organically seeing what happened from it. This dream event is all about putting the right people in the room and having the event make itself.

For the venue Dionne chose a very Bridgeton style garden. Think high tea in a beautiful garden, bright green colours in the grounds of a manor estate. The luncheon would be held in a tent in the middle of the vast expanse of gardens. Guests would be surrounded by the sounds of a running lake, the smell of beautiful flowers- a serene setting. Blush florals, lots of white and many variants of green to decorate the gazebo and have surrounding the guests within the garden itself. Twinkle lights would be draped round to really create that magical aesthetic to the garden exemplifying the airy feel to the garden. Dionne stresses that the scent of the space is most important, each guest needs to be instantly greeted with the scent of blooming flowers. The luncheon would be made up of seven courses and would be the perfect place for the eighty creatives chosen to be celebrated. In the style of Bridgerton Dionne would adore to have the same string quartet perform the pop soundtrack to score the event (take a listen to Vitamin String Quartet!).

Within the gazebo guests would be sat at long tables with the string quartet playing throughout- very regal. As mentioned before, this is a SEVEN course meal. Dionne would kick things off with a fruit salad (mango, berries) with beautiful colours to fit in with the vibrant colours of the setting. Next would be a tomato soup, followed by a grilled salmon. Dionne loves noodles so, despite not being the traditional fix, a Thai rice noodle would be thrown in there. Dessert would be a beautiful, fresh crème brùlèe. Each guest would have their server who would be on hand to reveal each new dish to the guest, presented under a glass dome. It would be an exquisite high-end presentation of dinner.  This dream event is all about the aesthetics. 

Aerial acts would be the feature event at the luncheon. Having the dancers running, with ribbons in hand, through the dinner and creating beautifully unique routines throughout the dinner within the garden scenery. Dionne would also have performers with the only note being that they are exceptionally talented, it’s not about the big names it’s about celebrating intrinsic talent!! With the regal setting Dionne wanted spoken word in between to inspire and motivate the guests. Dionne’s absolute dream creatives to have entertain her would be Stevie Wonder and Jessie J. 

A quick glimpse into the guest list sees high profile creatives such as John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, Amanda Gorman, Michelle Obama, Megan Markle and, Leonardo DiCaprio. Dionne’s dream men by her side for the luncheon would be Idris Elba and Ryan Reynolds!! 

Each guest would walk away with a meaningful, inspiring gift such as a framed poem from one of the spoken-word artists gifted in a golden box.

A beautifully crafted dream event that seems like it would be taken straight from the pages of a fairy-tale. Thank you to the incredible Dionne Bishop for treating us to this regal event that kept our Bridgerton hearts beating !! 

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