Around The World Cocktail Masterclass with Rhian Berry

This week on the Main Stage Narmeen is joined by her best friend in the industry, former colleague and the current Marketing Manager for EventMind Rhian Berry. EventMind help event organisers take their event onto the virtual space. Rhian graduated from Bournemouth University in event management and worked for a while in live events before securing her current role at EventMind. 

Rhian’s dream event, perhaps fuelled by her challenge of dry January, is an around-the-world cocktail masterclass that would feature mixologists from around the world creating their countries signature cocktail. The event would be held on Bournemouth beach in the summer sunshine so there could be no restriction on numbers, very needed after the year we’ve had! Ideas for cocktails featuring include Pimm’s (London), Mojito (Cuba), Rum-Punch (Jamacia). Battle of the Burger, an event held in London, is a heavy influence for this dream event where guests walk around try the cocktails and rate each one so a country can triumph as an overall winner. 

Brand partnerships are a major feature of this event. Seen as the event would be held on the beach, sponsorship has to presented creatively. Rhian’s ideas included each guest receiving a festival type wristband or lanyard which would feature sponsors of the event. Another idea was to have brand partnerships displayed on the sustainable cups that could be used on the event, a pretty style cup that could be heavily photographed for social media posts. 

Sustainability is a key focus of the event industry, specifically in 2021, and Rhian was intent on ensuring her event fitted into this narrative. Reusable and disposable straws and cups would be provided, and a heavy effort would be placed on no littering taking place on the beach. The aesthetics of the cups that the brand partnerships would provide would lead guests, hopefully, to keep them as memorabilia and for continued use at home.  

The event would be ticketed due to alcohol laws not permitting under 18s. It would be a paid entry event that gives you access to the beach and to the DJ. Cocktails would have to be paid for individually but, a stamp card would be given to allow you discounted prices the more you have. Another highly creative idea of Rhian’s would be to invent some form of treasure hunt that involved visiting multiple stands. Each stand would also feature food representative of each country. Rhian introduced discounted food when you buy a drink from each country, to ensure stomachs are soaking up the cocktails!! Rhian’s dream food stand would be Jamacia featuring lots of good jerk chicken! 

Activities would include lots of fun beach activities such as a limbo competition, the country treasure hunt, mini games of volleyball, and the fair special coconut smash!! The event would be held over a weekend to allow plenty of people to enjoy at leisure and, have a good explore of all of the event. Weekends would see higher attendance due to better flexibility in people’s diaries. Entertainment would be music provided by a DJ who would transition from chilled vibes during the day and party tunes at night to fuel a dance atmosphere on the beach. Rhian’s dream entertainment artists would be The Weekend and Hannah Wants!

Another amazing dream event on the podcast that has desperate for those post-lockdown reunions and drinks with missed friends!! 

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