Renaissance Highland Ball with Mackenzie Kerr

This week on the Newcomers Stage Narmeen is joined by Events Management at City of Glasgow Uni student Mackenzie Kerr. After helping organize charity events and prom, Mackenzie embarked in an events management course. Today she’s here to introduce her dream Renaissance Highland Ball. Any costume designers on site?

Whilst fanning yourself in your precious horse driven carriage, you see in the distance a glimpse of Dunrobin Castle. The awaited renaissance ball is on tonight and it’s the best one yet. The invitation said strictly pastel period costumes, and when you get off the carriage you realize just how seriously people take fancy dress parties. The flowy chartreuse silk dresses contrasted with the pale roses and flowers make this opulent scenery a pastel dream.

You’re directed to wander around wherever you want, but there’s just so much to choose. The castle seems to have endless rooms, each one filled with live entertainment and immersive decorative installations. You can’t help but see everyone is drinking champagne or wine, so you go ahead and take a glass from the masked waiting staff. You take a second to enjoy the string quartet playing (modern songs) in one of the adjacent rooms. 

Looking out the window you realise there’s a whole load of guests in the impeccably decorated gardens. There must be around 500 people in the ball, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the canapé filled tables you just spotted. You continue the night mingling and dancing to the acoustic bands and culminate your night with a spectacular firework show. Marie Antoinette wishes…

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