Wave Rave with Daniel Manners

This week on the Newcomers Stage Narmeen is joined by Events Management at City of Glasgow Uni student Daniel Manners. Coming from a long line of event managers, Daniel decided to start running events for his local community. After working at OVO Hydro and looking to expand his career prospects he enrolled in uni where he currently courses final year. 

For his dream event, Daniel has chosen to run a beachy electronic music festival that taps into the likes of Burning Man (but in Scotland). Considerably a smaller scale than most of the festivals out there, this one stage only will attract visitors from all over to enjoy the short (but sweet) Scottish summer. 

You arrive on your first day, and you’re instantly transported to a Moroccan paradise. You’re instructed to not bring any camping equipment, as the weather allows canvas tents to be provided by the event organisers. Low and behold you and your crew’s beachy tent on top of the soft white sand. You look around and all you can see is people greeting each other whilst ambience music plays in the background. The first day you simply get to familiarise yourself with the space and other guests. It already feels like a true community. 

You go for a wander and notice the one and only main stage elevated on the sea. It’s carefully protected so waves won’t disturb it. You realise how beautiful the turquoise water is and the smell of international street food captures your attention. There’s a bit of every nationality in the food court, what to go for?

The next day comes and you’re woken by the beginning of the musical experience. Dream pop dance music and excited attendees start making their way to the stage. You get everything ready and go join them. The day is filled with dancing and making friends. When the evening comes, you can feel the air of intensity, headliners Tiesto and Nina Kraviz are due and people are excited. You go for a quick wander to get ready for them and notice the ginormous ocean plastic sculptures made by the organising committee, they were the way you heard about the festival, seeing as they toured them from London all the way up north as a marketing strategy and way to show the amount of plastic waste we throw to the ocean. 

Headliners start and you dance till dawn, you look down and realise your shoes are gone, but were they even there in the first place?

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