Out Of This World 50th Birthday with Jenna O’Grady

This week on the Main Stage Narmeen is joined by bubbly international events manager Jenna O’Grady. A lover of corporate events and weddings, Jenna is here to tell us all about her dream 50th Birthday.

Here at Desert Island, we love both birthdays and space exploration in the name of science and leisure. Even though there’s a long while to go for Jenna´s 50th, we do expect an invitation to this exclusive 50 person only event. 

Let’s start by assuming that space exploration has yielded a series of outer space venues to celebrate all sorts of events. A new planet has been discovered and the hottest outer space hotel has just opened in its space station. Jenna’s managed to hire their main events space, and the first-class space shuttle tickets for all her guests have been booked. It’s time to attend this out of this world party. 

You arrive after a (hopefully not too long) trip with a lot of expectation. You’ve only been told you’re going to Jenna’s birthday and to dress to impress in your funkiest high fashion space gear. First thing in the agenda is bottomless brunch, because moon mimosas are iconic, and the party must start early (space rules, don’t ask). 

You notice that space fashion is a definite nod to 80s neon rave culture. Which makes it all the better once you’re told there’s a series of outdoor lunar games lined up for the afternoon. In true action cartoon style, you embark in a day of zero gravity, certainly comical activities such as slow motion running and kickball tournaments. 

You obviously underestimated how tiring zero gravity anything is, so the day culminates with some replenishing dinner and drinks in true alien royalty style. Unfortunately, the space fun can’t last forever, and all that is left are some otherworldly memories when you’re in the office on Monday morning for your very boring earthling job. Can’t wait for Jenna’s next birthday.

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