A Family Festival with Lucy Werner

This week on the Main Stage Narmeen is joined by publicity maven and founder of HypeYourself Lucy Werner. As a human storybook of event experiences, Lucy is here to tell us about her dream festival. 

Here at Desert Island, we love festivals. They’re some of the most multifaceted and enjoyable events out there. They’re ambitious, cutting edge, and are in the forefront of technology and experiential design. When Lucy told us her ideal event would be a festival, we couldn’t help but be extremely excited.

The whole festival is a family experience. Picture three days of fun, fun, FUN! It’s situated in East London where Lucy is based, and all its attendees will get a lesson or two about the bustling, colorful culture of the East. 

Now, we’re not saying that life revolves around food, but this festival certainly does. Lucy starts with a bang by introducing an all-day buffet from the likes of the Ned. Think juices, salads, seafood, and traditional cuisine from all over the world. Sort of everyone brings something to the party concept but times a million. Local Hackney people will educate us attendees about their food and the importance it plays in their culture. 

Whilst eating your delicious meal you can hear some background music coming from the various stages. There’s a bit for everyone, but if you really want to get in front you must hurry, cause these stages (inspired by Lucy’s family members) are star-filled!

The brother stage is a crossover, beginning with some Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses, and culminating with some high profile EDM DJs. Dad’s stage will be lower key, with some performances by The Police, Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison and Crowded House (brace yourself acoustic rock and ballad lovers). 

Once you’ve sung and danced the early afternoon away, make your way to the adult funhouse for a set of ‘not too traditional’ activities, which include: a hypnotherapy session for wary drivers (it’s personal), and a racetrack for the newly ‘badass’ drivers. To get everyone in the mood the racetrack soundtracks will include all your favorite 80s soundtracks played by a brass band.

Towards the end of the day, families must have their ‘feel good’ TV time, with huge comfy indoor cinemas playing Schitt’s Creek, Friends and all the snuggling up in bed classics you could imagine. Pair this up with the ongoing buffet snack and you’re bound to have a sleepy evening. 

By the way did we mention the unlimited buffet?

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