Mauritian Paradise Retreat with Sarah Zarywacz

This week on the Main Stage Narmeen is joined by Sarah Zarywacz, event executive at ECI Partners. Having experience in running all sort of B2B events for portfolio, adviser communities and investors in the private equity sector, she’s here to tell us about her dream event. 

For this event, we’re leaving the tedious London lifestyle to pamper ourselves a bit. That’s right, Sarah has designed an all-inclusive summer retreat for us, so we don’t forget the importance of self-care and some time off. 

Picture the last day of your work week, you’ve been waiting all year for this event, and you can’t wait to leave the office and head to the airport for your flight to, yes you guessed it…paradise island Mauritius. It’s the first edition of this retreat and all you can think of in the plane is how good it’s going to be to let loose, leave all your electronics, and prepare to be taken care of. Don’t tell anyone but this event really is just a festival/retreat holiday, but a damn well deserved one! This two-day experience throughout one of the best beaches of the island is gathering where event professionals can both enjoy with each other and spend some alone time. 

You arrive to the (very sustainable) hotel, and you realize just how luxurious the event is. You’ve got staff taking care of your bags and receiving you with some cold champagne and a great variety of mocktails, for those who want the experience to be like a detox. It’s bound to be an all-round organic experience to improve your body and mind. The event starts in the morning and finishes late, so your only responsibility will be to relax all day. There’s a great deal of activities that range from keynote presentations, creative and education areas, silent meditation spaces and some well curated entertainment. 

In the creative areas you can do some painting, and personal performance. The educational areas include libraries, book swaps/clubs, and the keynote presenters are to the likes of David Attenborough (who will also do some soothing storytelling in the silent room during the evening), Paralympic swimmer Jamal Hill, and Olympian Jessica Ennis Hill…talk about individuals who can teach you wellness and discipline! For entertainment we have a few magicians (bring back the magic!), some comedians gracing the stage, a silent disco for all groovy attendees and a champagne tap. There are also some more physical activities for those who enjoy heavier exercise. 

Second day comes along, and the vibe feels a bit less active. There are plenty of massage parlours to cure all body aches and untie all those knots produced by working hard all year. There’s a general feeling of being in a spa with flowy curtains, ambience music, and an odour of salt water and essential oils. If you drank a bit last night there’s nothing to worry, there are plenty of vegan junk food, sushi, and dessert stalls around the beach so you can reinvigorate. An afternoon nap is due in the silent room, and for a moment you forget you’re surrounded by almost 200 people, and you let all stress and tension leave your life…

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