Festival of Inspiration and Creativity with Anika Ved

This week on the Main Stage Narmeen is joined by Anika Ved, freelance event manager for tech and commercial. During the pandemic, Anika courageously decided to embark on a fully freelance career and oh did it pay off! She’s been able to gain valuable experience in both in-person and virtual and is ready for anything!

For today’s podcast, Anika invites us to a global festival focused on hard-working professionals who need a break from their screens and a boost in creativity. Anika believes that the older we get, we forget how to be kids. We need a reminder of how to not worry or stress, and the more relaxed we are, the more inspired and creative we can be. 

Before we start, we have to let you in on a little secret. Desert Island and Anika possess magic that allows us to teleport with a port-key (object used for teletransportation). This means we can instantly go from one part of the world to the other in seconds. It’s also extremely sustainable as it eliminates carbon emissions completely!

Picture this, you’re at home and a letter arrives in the post. You’re invited to the Festival of Inspiration and Creativity located around the world. You wait for Friday morning to come round and suddenly an object appears in front of you. You touch it and boom! You’re suddenly in idyllic Yellowstone National Park. You basque yourself in the beauty of ancient trees and nature. You’re taken to the glamping site where you notice the incredible features each tent has. Double beds, internal heating, gorgeous sustainable furniture and low waste toilets and showers (paradise basically). The whole point of going to various natural sites is to remind ourselves of the beauty of nature beyond the digital medium we’re constantly exposed to. Once all set up, it’s time for an introductory tree hugging session (proven to increase serotonin).

After giving some love to the trees. Some whittling workshops can be done. It’s important that you get involved in it as crafts and working with your hands are a big part of this festival. It’s proven that working with hands and tasks that require creative attention promote the production of endorphins. Happy attendees are the main objective of this festival! But there are no happy attendees with empty stomachs, which is why breakfast must be foraged by those who enjoy venturing in the wild, whilst those who prefer to stay and cook do so. The result, organic, healthy meals.

When the afternoon hits, we teleport ourselves to Jasper National Park in Canada. We start the afternoon by building our own rafts, and take advantage of the turquoise paradise waters to do some unforgettable rafting. The point is to engage the body in some exercise while contemplating the beauty of our surroundings. Rafting definitely takes up a lot of energy, so some more foraging and cooking teamwork will be done. This time with a focus on brain food! In order to prepare the brain for the return to work. The evening is spent once again in one of those incredible glamping with clear ceilings contemplating the stars. Goodnight!

Saturday morning we teleport to the Lake District National Park. Where a morning of inspirational hiking and sightseeing is due. The ultimate destination of the hike is Anika’s personal favorite, Wastwater Lake (the deepest in the lake district). A half a day hike is met with a feast of fruits, dandelion leaves, and homemade elderflower cordial (Narmeen’s personal favorite). 

In the afternoon we teleport ourselves to the Italian Tuscany, where lunch awaits with the freshest ingredients and local produce. A pasta making class follows with a dinner feast. The evening ends with some wine and spending the night in a traditional tuscan villa. 

We can’t believe the last day is here. The next destination is Norway. The morning is spent skiing, and for those who prefer something a bit less physical, ice and snow sculpture competitions! There’s some breakfast ready full of fresh produce from Scandinavia in the artsy ice hotel. When the afternoon arrives we teleport to the final destination, Kenya, where both Anika and Desert Island dream to go one day! A safari afternoon is due, where we can enjoy native animals and learn about the rich culture of the African continent. Once all activities are done we feast on delicious fruits like lychees, and (one again Narmeen favorite), mangoes.

The evening ends with another evening of stargazing, that slowly becomes deep and peaceful slumber…

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