The Desert Island Events Story

In 2020 the events industry was severely affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Founder and host of the podcast, Narmeen Kamran, only knows this too well being made redundant after months of furlough.

Keeping in touch with the industry online through virtual events, webinars and talks, Narmeen found everything was very focused on strategy and the new live and hybrid event scene. Which obviously was great and needed at the time. The industry needed to pivot to be able to deliver events in the current climate, albeit virtually.

What was lacking everywhere was creativity.

Live events are not dead, they are on hold until we can resume normal life once more. Creativity is at the heart of events.

Creativity is the heart of events… And so Desert Island Events was born.

Desert Island Events was created to not only highlight the creative heart of events, but to also have a lighthearted conversation with the industry about what their dream event would be.

  • Have you ever imagined what your dream event would be?
  • What could you do if you had an unlimited budget?
  • Or perhaps no rules, restrictions or health & safety limitations ?
  • Would you host an event on the moon?

That is what Desert Island Events is all about; a hope and light in the tough times, but a creative outlet for the industry always.

Desert Island Events